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About SFS

About SFSThese pages provide background information on Small Firms Services Limited. We hope that the content of these pages answer any questions you may have about our company. If you need to contact us do not hesitate to call one of the Service Team on 0800 328 7494. We are available during normal office hours to answer your questions and to explain more about who SFS are and how we can help your business.

You may also find our Information Centre of interest as it provides answers to some of the most popular questions we receive.

You can find information on our products and services by clicking on the services link on our menu.

Companies House Forms

Please find below a selection of Companies House forms that you may find useful.

Changing Registered Office

Form AD01

Changing your registered office

Appointing Officers
To appoint a new director or secretary to a company there are several versions of the same form depending on who is being appointed.

Form AP01

Appointing a person as a director

Form AP02

Appointing a corporate director

Form AP03

Appointing a person as a secretary

Form AP04

Appointing a corporate secretary

Terminating Officers
To terminate or remove a director or secretary from a company.

Form TM01

Terminating a director

Form TM02

Terminating a secretary

These forms can be used to terminate either a person appointed as a director or a corporate director.

Changing Officer Details
To change an existing director or secretary’s details there are several forms.

Form CH01

Changing the details of a person appointed as a director

Form CH02

Changing the details of a corporate director

Form CH03

Changing the details of a person appointed as a secretary

Form CH04

Changing the details of a corporate secretary

Dormant Accounts
To file dormant accounts for a company if there has been no trading activity during the financial period.

Form AA02

Filing Dormant Accounts

Annual Returns
Every company needs to file an annual return at Companies House every 12 months.

Form AR01

Annual Return

Confirmation Statement
Every company needs to file a Confirmation Statement from 30th June 2016 at Companies House every 12 months.

Form CS01

Dissolve a Company
To strike a company off the register or to dissolve the company.

Form DS01

Striking off a company

Issue More Shares
To issue more shares in a company after it has been incorporated.

Form SH01

Allotment of shares including statement of capital

Filing Documents Online
Many Companies House forms can be filed online using the web filing service. The following guide provides advice on registering with Companies House for web filing-

Companies House Web Filing Guide