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About SFS

About SFSThese pages provide background information on Small Firms Services Limited. We hope that the content of these pages answer any questions you may have about our company. If you need to contact us do not hesitate to call one of the Service Team on 0800 328 7494. We are available during normal office hours to answer your questions and to explain more about who SFS are and how we can help your business.

You may also find our Information Centre of interest as it provides answers to some of the most popular questions we receive.

You can find information on our products and services by clicking on the services link on our menu.

Company Formation FAQ

How long does a company registration take?

processing timesMost companies are formed in as little as 2 to 3 hours. Our company formation service is the quickest registration service available.

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How do I change my company name?

name changeInformation on changing the name of your limited company with Companies House. There are two service available, paper application and online application.

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How to dissolve a UK company

comapny dissolutionHow to dissolve your company with Companies House. Explaining the action required to strike off a company.

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Can I form my company on my own?

company formationIt is possible to form your own company with Companies House, perhaps the important question is why would you?

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How to use a trading style with a company name

trading stylesInformation on using a trading style for your limited company. Your trading style may not be the same as your company name.

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Changing a director’s details

change director detailsHow to change the details of a company director at Companies. Advice on changing the name and addressd for company officers.

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How to increase your share capital

increase share capitalHow to file form SH01 at Companies House to increase the share capital of a company. Advice on completing form SH01 online.

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Do you need a company secretary?

company secretary requirementsThe requirment to appoint a company secretary will depend on when your company was registered. Most companies no longer need a company secretary.

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LIMITED or LTD in my company name

limited or ltdCompanies can be formed using Limited or the abbreviation Ltd in the company name. There is no legal difference.

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What is a dormant company?

dormant companyA dormant company is one that has not traded. Forming a dormant company is the same as forming a trading company. Read this helpful guide for more information.

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Why is there no zero prefix in the company number on my certificate of incorporation?

incorporation certificateThe certificate of incorporation does not include the zero (0) that is displayed at Companies House.

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How do I tell companies house what my business activities are?

business activitiesThe company's business activities are not clearly defined at the time of incorporation. When filing teh Annual Return you inform Companies House of your Industry Code.

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What happens if my company is rejected by Companies House?

company rejectionsThis guide provides common reasons companies can be rejected and advice on how to correct them.

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