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About SFS

About SFSThese pages provide background information on Small Firms Services Limited. We hope that the content of these pages answer any questions you may have about our company. If you need to contact us do not hesitate to call one of the Service Team on 0800 328 7494. We are available during normal office hours to answer your questions and to explain more about who SFS are and how we can help your business.

You may also find our Information Centre of interest as it provides answers to some of the most popular questions we receive.

You can find information on our products and services by clicking on the services link on our menu.

How to use our address

Once you have purchased a registered office service from us you can immediately use the address. You can either file an address change for your existing company or form your new company with the registered office in place during the incorporation process.

For new companies entering our address during the formation, our address is automatically stored at Companies House and sent to HMRC for their new company details. Existing companies will need to file form AD01 at Companies House and write to HMRC with the new address details.

Using our address on stationery and websites
It is a legal requirement that all companies display the registered office address, company name, company number and country of registration on stationery and websites. If we are not providing you with our full mailing service then we suggest that the registered address is not displayed as your main contact address. It is usual for the registered office address to be placed carefully in smaller print in the footer of stationery. The following two documents demonstrate how to display our address in the footer of your stationery.

Example letter layout 1
Example letter layout 2

Websites should also carry your actual trading address or general posting address. The registered office can be mentioned in the legal pages or referenced correctly. Many of our customers will add this to their legal statements.

If you promote the registered office address as your only point of contact then it is likely to be used in error by your customers and suppliers which may lead to confusion.

We will request identification documents on receipt of your order and this needs to be supplied within seven days of ordering.