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About SFS

About SFSThese pages provide background information on Small Firms Services Limited. We hope that the content of these pages answer any questions you may have about our company. If you need to contact us do not hesitate to call one of the Service Team on 0800 328 7494. We are available during normal office hours to answer your questions and to explain more about who SFS are and how we can help your business.

You may also find our Information Centre of interest as it provides answers to some of the most popular questions we receive.

You can find information on our products and services by clicking on the services link on our menu.

Registered Office FAQ

What is a registered office?

The registered office address is the legal address recorded by Companies House and HM revenue & Customs. It must be an effective address.

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Can I use a PO Box as a registered address?

The general rule is that a PO Box cannot be used as the registered office. What does a PO Box say about your business?

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What mail is sent to the registered office address?

The registered office address receives mail from Companies House and HM Revenue & Customs.

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How do I change my registered office?

How to file form AD01 at Companies House to change your registered office address.

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What addresses do we supply?

We are pleased to provide registered office locations in Coventry, London, and Edinburgh (Scotland).

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Why do we separate the registered office service from the mail forwarding service?

Providing seperate services allows us to be flexible when supporting businesses with mailing addresses.

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How to use our address

It is important that you display your company address correctly on stationery and websites. This guide provides advice on displaying your address correctly.

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What mail is included in the registered office service?

Mail from HMRC and Companies House is forwarded to you under the registered office service.

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Does a dormant company need a registered office?

It is a legal requirement for all comapnies and LLP's to keep a registered office even if they have not traded.

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Can I change my forwarding address?

Our customers may need to update their mail forwarding address during the service.

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Can I use the registered office as my director's service address

How to use our registered office address as a Director's service address with Companies House.

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Can a UK company have a registered address outside of the UK?

UK companies cannot have a registered office address outside of the UK.

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Are bank letters included in the registered office service?

The forwarding of bank mail is not included in the registered office service. We can offer a full mailing address if required.

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I am not in the UK can I use your address for vat registration?

VAT registration requires all companies to provide a physical business address. The registered office is not your physical location.

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