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SFS NewsAs part of our commitment to keep our Clients updated about legislation, sectoral news, service provision, ... we have included this area on a website.

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Scottish companies cannot register in England

Scotland registered addressIf your company is registered in Scotland then it must always have a Scottish registered office address.

It is not possible to simply switch a company from being registered in Scotland to being registered in England, Wales or Northern Ireland.

We are often asked by customers if they can move a company from Scotland to England or vice versa. Whilst the company can certainly move its trading address to anywhere in the world a registered company must keep its official registered address in the country it was registered. Due to the differences in Scottish, Northern Irish and English/Welsh law a company cannot simply switch jurisdiction.

To clarify-

English and Welsh companies must keep an address in England or Wales.
Northern Irish companies must keep an address in Northern Ireland.
Scottish companies must keep an address in Scotland.

If you have moved location within the UK then we can assist by providing a registered address for your company. This will allow you to be physically located anywhere in the UK or abroad whilst maintaining a registered office service in the country of registration.

If you need any help on changing your registered office address to one of ours do not hesitate to contact one of the team at SFS. We are pleased to provide locations in both Scotland and England.