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How to change a company director

changing directorsThis guide explains how to notify Companies House of a change of director by resigning the director and appointing a new director.

To remove a director from a limited company you need to resign the person by filing a form called TM01 at Companies House. This form can be posted to Companies House in paper form or you can file it online if you have the authentication code to access your company. Companies House can post this code to you if you do not already have it.

To appoint the new director you need to file a form called an AP01 (or AP02 if you are appointing a corporate entity as a director). This form can be posted to Companies House in paper form or you can file it online.

It is also possible to amend the details on an existing officer. You can change a director’s name, residential address or service address by filing form CH01. It is impossible to change a director’s date of birth. If you have appointed a director with an incorrect date of birth you need to resign the officer and re-appoint them with the correct date.

Filing the forms by post takes 7 to 10 days for Companies House to update their records. If you file the forms online they are usually accepted within 24 hours.

Paper versions of Companies House forms are available here – Companies House Forms

For a user guide on how to file online please follow this link - Companies House Electronic Filing Guide

If the exiting director also holds shares in the company which you need to transfer to the new director, or someone else, please view the following user guide – Share Transfer Guide