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LIMITED or LTD in my company name

When starting a new limited company you can choose whether you want use LTD or LIMITED in your company name. For example, your company name could be either-


The simple answer is that it really makes very little difference. The decision at the time of incorporation only affects the way your name is displayed on your certificate of incorporation and your first company documents.

During the life of your company can use either the full version LIMITED or the abbreviation LTD. You can interchange between these at anytime and use either version on stationery, websites, business cards and other business correspondence. You can also display your name in title case or capitals. Either version is legal and acceptable.

Ltd, LTD, Limited or LIMITED it makes no difference, the choice is yours. Please note that Companies House always record data in capital letters. They will not produce a certificate with lower case text.

Comment: Do not lose any sleep over this decision. We see approximately half of all formations using LTD and half using LIMITED. Our formation software will give you the choice. We do not force you have to have one or the other. Remember that after the company is formed you can display your company name in either format.