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Mail Forwarding FAQ

Why have I not received my mail?

Received MailWe work hard to minimise errors in handling customers mail. However, there is often a reason why mail has not been processed.

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What is the difference between your address services?

Different Address ServicesThis page explains the differences, restrictions or limitations of the different address services we supply.

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Can I have multiple names on my mail forwarding service?

Multiple NamesA guide to our policy for clients using multiple names on one mail forwarding service or registered address.

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Using our address on your websites

You can only use our address on your website if you have purchased the correct service from us. This page details which of our services permit you to use our address on your website.

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Useful tips for using our address services

Useful tips and hints for how to make the most of our address services and avoid potential problems or delays with your mail.

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Do you accept parcels or goods at your addresses?

The simple answer is no, we do not permit parcels or goods to be received at any of addresses on behalf of clients with any type of mail forwarding service.

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How private is my personal information held by you?

We take client confidentiality very seriously. We realise many clients use our address services to protect their own private addresses and identity.

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What happens if one of my customers calls at the address in person?

If a client or customer of yours calls at our address looking for you or your company we have to explain that we are virtual address service

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