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Money Laundering Regulations

Client Registration Form

Customers are asked to complete a simple client registration form so that we can supply services.

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What proof of identity (photo ID) do I need to supply?

Details of what documents we can accept as photo ID to prove your identity.

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What proof of address do I need to supply?

Details of what documents we can accept as proof of a clients address.

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What proof is required if my forwarding address is not my home address?

If we are forwarding mail to an address that is not the clients home address we require additional documents.

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What documents are required for corporate entities as owners or directors?

Identification and money laundering regulations for customers using corporate structures.

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What are Money Laundering Regulations?

Why the money laundering regulations effect our company. We are registered with HMRC under the regulations.

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How do SFS implement MLR?

SFS need to 'know their client' so we have implemented a simple registration procedure for all customers with services.

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Why do I need to provide identification to SFS?

We are legally required to identify our customers. This may require the supply of identification documents.

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