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What mail is sent to the registered office address?

registered office mailThe registered office address is held on record by Companies House and HMRC as the official address for the company. They will only use the registered office address as the correspondence address and will not write to your trading address.

Each year your company will receive several letters. This may include the following depending on the status of your company-


  • CT41G – Corporation tax new company details (for newly registered companies)
  • CT600 – Corporation Tax reminder
  • Reminder to pay your corporation tax and payment instructions

From Companies House

When a company is not ‘in good standing’ further notices will also be sent. Late filing penalty notices, strike off action warnings, and letters of advice are just some of the communication sent to companies that do not file documents in a timely fashion. Companies House may also write to the directors at the registered office address.

The number of letters sent will depend on how prompt your company directors are in filing their documents each year. It must be stressed that it is a director’s responsibility to know their filing deadlines and not the government’s job to provide reminders. Not receiving a reminder is not sufficient grounds to appeal against a penalty. The requirements to file accounts and documents with Companies House or HMRC do not change year on year.

Other organisations will write to any address the company provide. Banks, utility service providers, local councils and other businesses will contact you at your preferred address. If your business is not located at the registered office then make sure you supply the correct contact details.

If you need any assistance filing documents with Companies House do not hesitate to speak to one the SFS team.