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SFS Office Move Information

SFS now happily settled at our new office called “The Apex”

We are pleased to announce that SFS completed the move to our new office in October 2013. The new office is called “The Apex” and replaces our previous Coventry address “The Meridian”. This office has been secured on a long term lease to ensure the stability of our services for both SFS and our valued clients.

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Small Firms Services are moving office

Small Firms Services Ltd's head office in Coventry is moving to a new address. The time has come for SFS to find bigger offices for our growing business.

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Why are we telling you about the move now?

SFS are moving to a new office and it is time to help our customers move with us.

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Does this affect our other office addresses?

There is no change in address for customers using either London or Edinburgh addresses.

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What is the new address?

We are pleased to offer our new Coventry address for all new and existing customers.

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Do I need to tell HMRC about the address change?

Companies House should automatically inform HMRC about your new address.

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How do I change the registered office?

How to change your registered office address to our new address. Changing your address at Companies House.

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Our address is changing

Small Firms Services are changing their address. Find information on our new office here.

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