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Get a prestigious registered office address

Are you a small business owner in search for a prestigious registered office address?

registered office serviceA registered office address is of paramount significance for a business. The Government agencies send all official correspondence to the registered address of a company. Having an effective and renowned address for corporate communication plays a crucial role as it not only boosts the image of the company among the public but also enables the company to display the registered office address on the public record, such as Companies House.

It is essential that valuable official correspondence is delivered to and received from the Government agencies on time. For this, a company must to provide an effective office address to facilitate prompt and reliable delivery and reception of such documents.

A registered office address service is particularly useful for smaller businesses or companies. Such companies include sole directors working from home who wish to have a separate, prestigious, registered office address to be displayed on the public record. This helps to draw more customers as well as facilitate reliable correspondence with the Government agencies.

A registered address service is also useful for UK companies owned by overseas residents. Such people need to get a registered company address in the UK to run their businesses and communicate with the Government agencies in the UK. In fact, it is mandatory for such companies from a legal point of view to have a UK-registered address where official mail can be sent.

Prestiguous AddressThere are many companies in the UK that provide a registered office address service to small businesses. The Government mail received by the company providing the service is forwarded to the corresponding client (the small company availing the service).

The fees for such services vary greatly but is typically offered at a fixed annual price with no administration or postage charges.

A careful selection of such a service will enable you bring further efficiency and prestige to your business.

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