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Why use SFS to start your company and not Companies House?

Why use SFS to start your company and not Companies House?

why use a company formation agentIf you can form your company online with Companies House why do so many people choose to use an agent like SFS? What makes our service so useful to customers?

The first point to recognise is that Companies House and Business Link are government agencies. They are not responsible for providing you with advice or support before, during or after the incorporation process.

They do not, and will not, explain how to form your company and they certainly don’t answer your questions while you enter your details. We regularly talk to customers that want advice on the registered office, director’s service addresses, share capital, share rights and issuing shares.

A limited company is required to keep on record their legal documents. When you form a company with Companies House they will provide you with a certificate of incorporation and nothing else. You will need to locate the additional documents yourself.

If you are forming a limited by guarantee company you will find Companies House cannot assist you. Limited by guarantee companies often require specific objects included within the statutory documentation. You may need to include not for profit distribution clauses or charitable articles of association. Companies House does not offer this as it requires the provision of advice which they do not offer.

Sensitive name applications require the support of an experienced agent. They will not provide advice on how to form a company with a sensitive name. For example, companies using INTERNATIONAL, GROUP, HOLDINGS or ARCHITECT need a sensitive application. Extra data has to be supplied at the time of incorporation in the correct format. There are more than one hundred words that are deemed to be sensitive. SFS can assist you with this type of formation.

You may require additional services. Many of our customers need a registered office address, document legalisation, or even company seals. None of these services are provided by Companies House. You will need to source them separately which can be time consuming or more expensive.

We speak to many customers that have made an error with the Companies House application. Our free phone telephone number and friendly staff can help you for your company correctly. If you would prefer professional support from start to finish visit to start your company today.

About the Author Mike Harris:
I have been providing advice and support to companies for over 15 years through my company Small Firms Services Ltd. You can follow me on Google+ and also twitter