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Full documents with all company formations

company formation documentsHaving chosen to start a limited company you need to ensure you have all of the legally required documents.

We supply the following documents with all of our company formation packages:

Certificate of Incorporation – official Companies House issued certificate displaying your registered company name, incorporation number and date of incorporation.

Memorandum and Articles of Association – this is your constitution outlining what the company can and can not do. We form all of our companies as general commercial trading companies meaning that you can enter into any type of lawful business activity or activities without restriction.

Combined Register of Members – this document is also known as the Statutory Books. You must retain this on the company files and keep it up do date with any changes. Changes include any director or secretary resignations and appointment, any share transfers and new shareholdings.

First Minutes – this document is an historical document for the company records. It outlines the details provided to Companies House in order for the company to be formed. It also provides you with a basic idea of how standard meeting minutes should be executed.

Share Certificates – each shareholder should complete and hold a share certificate. This document is not legally binding but is an accurate record of the shareholding issued to the holder. It should be retained by the individual.

How do we supply your company documents?

Each company formation includes a full document package in an electronic format. You can therefore log back into the website as an existing customer once your completed formation email has been received and access all of the company documentation instantly after formation.

The electronic versions can be downloaded onto your own local PC, saved and printed as many times as you wish (ie print a spare copy for the bank that you have chosen to provide you with business banking).

For packages that include printed documents, we aim to send these hard copies to you on the date of incorporation. This dispatch may be delayed by a day depending on the time of day that Companies House accept your formation application.

About the Author Mike Harris:
I have been providing advice and support to companies for over 15 years through my company Small Firms Services Ltd. You can follow me on Google+ and also twitter