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Company Seals - Great Value

Company seals are a popular product with customers that need to emboss their company name and number on documents. This is common when entering into contracts or agreements, especially with international customers.

In simple terms a company seal is a mechanism that pushes two plates together either side of a piece of paper. The two plates squeeze the paper and leave an ‘impression’ on the document. This is normally referred to as embossing.

Company seals or embossing seals normally display the company name around the circumference and the company number through the centre. This standard layout is used on all models of seals that we provide. You can add logos or change the design and layout but this will increase the cost as they need to be hand engraved to order.

hand held seal

The hand held seal

The hand held plier seal is the entry level model. This seal is the lowest price seal we offer and is supplied with a plastic wallet for storage. Made from metal, unlike some cheap plastic alternatives, this seal is ideal for occasional use. Portable and easy to store in a brief case or desk draw the seal is excellent value for money. It is also popular with our international customers due to low postage costs.

desk top seal

The wood mounted desk seal

Like the Hand held version this plier type seal is made from metal and is suitable for occasional use. This seal has all the features of the hand held model but is mounted on a wooden plinth for customers that would prefer a desk top version.

metal desk top seal

Cast aluminium desk top seal

Designed for more frequent use this metal seal is very popular with customers that use a seal every day or so. The bevelled neck allow the seal to reach further onto the paper which is ideal for notarial documents and certificates. The robust design allows for the embossing of slightly thicker papers and thin card.

deluxe desk top seal

Deluxe desk top seal

This seal is popular with solicitors and notary publics that keep the seal on display. Produced in black and gold the seal is great for embossing thicker papers and thin card. With a good reach onto the paper you can emboss your documents as required.

All of our company seals are manufactured with metal bodies and metal embossing plates. We do not recommend or sell plastic versions as they do not offer the same quality.

If you did not purchase a company seal at the same time as processing your company formation then order from us today. We aim to manufacture and dispatch all company seals within 2 days of ordering. Seals are dispatched by first class post.

About the Author Mike Harris:
I have been providing advice and support to companies for over 15 years through my company Small Firms Services Ltd. You can follow me on Google+ and also twitter