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Legal Requirements of a Registered Office

registered office legal requirementsThe registered office address is where government organisations such as Companies House and HMRC will contact your company with important notices.

It is a legal requirement for every company that is registered in the UK to provide a registered office address. This address is where organisations such as Companies House, HMRC and UK tax authorities will contact your company with important reminders and serve legal notices. The registered office of a company is displayed on Companies House registers which can be accessed online.

A company's registered office must be able to receive letters and documents related to the company, therefore a PO Box cannot generally be used as a registered office address as it is not permitted by Companies House. The company's registered office address must be situated in England or Wales unless the company is registered in Scotland which would then require the company to provide an address in Scotland which could be used as a registered office.

The registered office address must be displayed on all company stationery and correspondence with the clients such as invoices and letters. The company name must also be displayed outside of the registered office address as a legal requirement. Since the introduction of the Companies Act 2006 it is also a legal requirement to display your registered office address on your company’s website.

Any changes which are made to a companies registered office address must be recorded at Companies House. This can be done by filing an AD01 form either online using Companies House web filing or by completing the form and sending it to Companies House by post. This will ensure important documents and notices relating to your company are not sent to the wrong address as this could lead to your company being struck off Companies House registers and being dissolved.

A company’s trading address does not have to be the same as their registered office address. Therefore using a registered office service provider can be very beneficial for owners of small businesses, particularly those who trade from their home address as it prevents their private details being displayed on Companies House registers. The data on Companies House registers can be accessed online. A registered office address can also be useful to business owners who own a UK limited company and live outside of the UK as their company must legally provide a registered office with in the UK.

Using a registered office service provider can also prevent junk mail being forwarded to people’s home address as they can filter out obvious junk mail and forward relevant mail such as Companies House notices and HMRC letters. This will ensure your company files the necessary forms to maintain accurate and up to date company records which will prevent penalties being incurred.