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If you would like to join us on social networks then the following information should help you track us down.

Follow us on Twitter.

follow us on twitter
We are pleased to invite our regular customers, and anyone else who may find our tweets informative, to follow us on Twitter. You can follow our Tweets at-
@smallfirms for Small Firms Services group page for general advice about companies, our services, tax etc.
@simpleformation for our dedicated company formation Tweets

Like us and follow us on Facebook.

follow us on Facebook
For more information beyond the limitation of a ‘tweet’ you can choose to ‘like us’ on facebook. Add us into your profile and benefit from our updates. Remember - we won't be posting useless commentary, we aim to provide information that will be of interest to our customers.

We hope to see you on Facebook soon so get in touch using

What will our Comments and Tweets be about?

Important advice about Companies House
Changes to rules and regulations that may affect your company or LLP
Updates on the Companies Act
Updates on useful guides that we provide free of charge
Links to new information online about company formation

What our comments will not contain!

We will not be spamming you with nonsense and unrelated subjects. We will not be chatting about where the staff are going on holiday or what we did at the weekend. We hope that our occasional tweets and Facebook posts provide you with a snippet of information that may be of interest and will help keep you and your business informed.

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