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April 2013 news from SFS

sfs news letterOur latest newsletter is brought to you on the back of the latest budget from the coalition government. Therefore we have included an article summarising the main points of the budget. We have highlighted some of the changes that will affect you, your business and your family. Whilst the budget may not capture everyone’s imagination it is worth noting the changes to corporation tax, personal tax allowances and the reduction in employers national insurance contributions.

Also in the news this month is the biggest change in PAYE reporting since the system was introduced over 70 years ago. The government will be collecting payroll information in real time rather than waiting for forms to be submitted at the end of the financial year. Make sure your business is ready for Real Time Information (RTI).

Many small businesses and start-ups have concerns about operating their business from their home. Putting a personal address on websites, stationery, emails, brochures, invoices and other company paperwork may deter some people from including an address. However, many customers expect to be able to easily find contact details for businesses so it may be worth using a virtual office service for your business. With fees starting at just £10 per month a virtual address service allows you to use our address as yours.

SFS are pleased to offer a wide range of free information and business resources. For more information on news and offers visit our news pages. For advice on a wide range of subjects including company formation, registered office addresses and many other subjects please visit our information centre.