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Registered Office Service For Home Businesses

working from homeWhen operating a company from home should you use your home address as your official registered office or find and alternative? This is a question that many small companies need to make before starting a business from home.

A lot of new companies are often based at home. This is understandable for several reasons. Many business ideas are developed from a hobby or personal interest and grow into commercial opportunities. Initially the business may start from home to keep costs down during the early days. It is often the case that businesses continue to operate from home as ecommerce, drop shipping and online purchases has reduced the need for a physical presence on the high street.

When the time comes to convert a business to a limited company the owners have to consider whether or not they want to use their home address as their registered office address. Whilst some people may not have an issue with this there are several points that should be considered.

If you choose to use your home address, this will be held by the tax authorities, Companies House, and other government organisations. Companies House is a public register that is free to access for a lot of information. It is a legal requirement to display your company name at the registered office address. All of your official stationery, websites and electronic communications are legally required to show your registered office address. If your business is web based then most clients expect to see an address provided in the contact details but this is also a legal requirement. Your address is then freely available for everyone to access.

One alternative is to use a mail forwarding company that specialises in registered office services. Some service providers may use suite numbers or box numbers to identify your mail. Many of the professional mail forwarding companies however, simply let you use their address as their registered office. The registered office mail is then sorted by dedicated staff and forwarded on to you the day it is received.

This type of mail forwarding service allows you clearly display your registered office address on your website, business correspondence and electronic communications. Your customers need never know that your registered office is supplied by a service provider. Your personal address is not disclosed to your clients providing you with piece of mind. Junk mail is avoided and you will never get a dissatisfied customer turn up at your family home.

When operating your company from home you should consider the implications of using your own address as a registered office. It is important to remember that whatever decision you make you should minimise the impact on your customers. Therefore if you select a registered office supplier ensure that they offer a professional service for your company.