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Your queries about registered office services

registered office adviceWhat is a registered office?

It is basically an address of a company registered with Companies House which works as the official address of that company, organisation or the legal entity. It is the registered office where letters and reminders from Companies House are sent. In the UK, one can have this type of office anywhere in England and Wales or in Scotland if the company is registered there.

What are the benefits of registered office?

First of all, it is a necessity to have such an office if you want to run an organisation. A company must have an office with a valid postal address. All the statutory mail will be sent to this office. So, for official correspondence such an office is a must. However, it is not necessary that the registered office must be the place from where the business is run.

This fact makes it possible for overseas entrepreneurs to run their business in the UK without having a physical base there. There are service providers who provide an address for registered office for such businessmen. These service providers also ensure that the post sent to this office are delivered to the respective businessman. One can avail the advantage of this kind of service online.

What are the legalities connected with registered office?

There are certain legal facts connected with this type of office and one must know them if he wants to have such an office in UK. First of all, the office should be registered with the Companies Registry. Secondly, the address provided as registered office must be a real one. Thirdly, the name of the company must be displayed outside the office. Next, the company’s official paperwork must bear the address of the registered office. Then, any change in the address of the registered office must be notified to the Companies House using form AD01.