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11 December 2018 You are not logged in. Login now.

Important Security update : SFS unaffected by Heartbleed

SFS websites are safeIMPORTANT SECURITY UPDATE: You may be aware that the press have warned of a cyber-bug called ‘Heartbleed’ which compromises the security of online passwords. We’d like to reassure you that none of Small Firms Services websites have been affected by this issue.

This week a security issue has emerged on the internet which could expose vulnerable websites to attack. The issue surrounds websites using something called Open SSL which is a means of encrypting communications between the user’s computer and the website they are using. Typically a website uses secure encryption whenever sensitive personal data needs to be passed between the user and the website. Open SSL is one method of secure communication.

Some half a million websites are thought to have a bug in the Open SSL software making them vulnerable to attack. If the website was attacked the attacker may be able to access encrypted data including usernames and passwords. Websites that are affected can introduce a patch to fix the vulnerability but if they have already been compromised then it is recommend that users of those websites change their passwords.

SFS have tested our websites and servers and can assure all of our clients and website visitors that we have not been affected by this issue and all of your information is safe. You DO NOT need to take any action.