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Why Small Services Ltd is right for your company

Are you looking for an industry leading service that specialises in starting new companies, Registered Office Services, Mail Forwarding Solutions and Filing Company Documents? Then we are the right service for you. With nearly 20 years of experience creating companies for customers we have the knowledge to support all types of businesses.
Read on for more information about some of the services that we provide:

UK Registered Office Service

registered office for home businessIf you want anyone to register a UK company then you need to have a Registered Office address and we provide a selection of office addresses at competitive prices. Using one of our genuine office addresses looks a lot better than using your home address and as a result the image of your business will be enhanced significantly. So invest in the future of your business by checking out our UK Registered Office Service.

Addresses for Home Businesses

Do you run a business at home, but are looking to take your operation to the next level and are interested in having a registered office? We have a Registered Office For Home Business service that we are sure you will find essential when operating a limited company. In addition we can provide a full mail forwarding service for your business to keep your personal address private. Having a virtual office where your mail can get forwarded at is a big bonus for anyone running a business from home.
It is understandable why so many businesses these days start from home. It is usually just a hobby at first, and because of the low start-up costs available due to the internet it is now much easier than ever before to start up a home business. That is why we have seen so many new home business turn to us for a virtual office solution. Working from home should not limit your business and our address solutions provide you with peace of mind approaching new customers.

Company Formation and Company Registration

If you need help setting up your business then we are the service to place your trust in. We have a wealth of experiencing setting up a wide range of different businesses and we are sure we can handle your specific requirements. Our Company Registration and Company Formation services include all of the legal documents your business needs at the time of incorporation. We can assist with limited companies, limited liability partnerships and even not for profit companies.

Why choose SFS?

We take pride in the integrity and honesty of the service that we provide and therefore you can count on us to do the very best for your business. Speed of service, competitive pricing and attention to detail are just a few of the things at the heart of our business. If you are in need of any of the services which we provide then we welcome you to contact any one of the SFS team for advice on ordering services.