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13 December 2018 You are not logged in. Login now.

Registered office service for sole director’s not sole traders

directors service addressIt is important to understand that the registered office service is provided to companies and LLPs. If you have a sole director company (registered at Companies House) then the registered office service may be of benefit to you. If you are a sole trader (not a registered company), often referred to as self employed then you do not need a ‘registered address’ service.

Why don’t sole traders need a registered office address?

  • Sole traders are not registered at Companies House so you will not receive any mail from them.
  • There is no official public register for sole traders (so do not be fooled into buying any online registration service)
  • HMRC needs to be informed of a sole traders business address. This is not the same thing as a company’s registered office address. This is a location where HMRC would expect to physically find your business located. It may be your home address and this is perfectly normal for sole traders.

If you purchase a registered office service and you are not a UK registered limited company then you may find the service has little benefit. You may want to consider using our full mailing service for your business communication but you do not need a registered office address. The full mailing service would include the forwarding of any general business correspondence that is sent to your business name.