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Virtual Office Service - Mail Forwarding

virtual address serviceWe offer two virtual office address solutions designed to assist new start-ups and more established businesses. Choose from either our Fixed Price Service or the Flexible Virtual Address.

Fixed Price Service

The fixed price address service is ideal for small or home based businesses expecting a low volume of mail each year. You simply purchase the service that includes the number of envelopes you anticipate receiving each year. No extra fees, no deposit and no other admin fees. One fee for a 12 month service. Mail forwarding made simple!

Less than 100 items of mail per year then choose one of our fixed price address services.
virtual address information

Flexible Virtual Address

The flexible address service is for businesses that expect higher quantities of mail each year. We do not limit you to the number of items you can receive under the service, you simply pay a mail deposit to cover the postage fees. If your business will receive more than a few items of mail every month then we offer this flexible service that can handle higher volumes of envelopes.

More than 100 items of mail per year then select the flexible address service.
flexible mail forwarding address

Why choose a virtual address?

You or your business may need a virtual office mail forwarding service for different reasons. You may operate your business from home, you may be based outside of the UK and need a UK presence, your business may be in the process of changing locations. These are just a few reasons why many companies use SFS for their mail forwarding solutions.

Here at SFS we have been providing Mail Forwarding services to our clients since 1998. Some of our earliest customers still use our virtual office service and keep their personal addresses private. We are pleased to offer our genuine office locations to your business so that you can concentrate on managing your business while we look after your mail.

Our office locations are all real addresses.

Your address is our address. We do not operate PO Box numbers, fictitious suite numbers or pigeon hole services. All of the mail is personally sorted by our trained administration team and forwarded on to its relevant destination. The service is aimed towards small and medium size businesses or individuals that need a professional and personal service.

If this sounds like the type of Mail Forwarding service that you require do not hesitate buy online with confidence!

Order Mail Forwarding Service!

Our Fees

We try to keep our fee structure easy to understand and competitively priced. You choose the service that your company needs.

fixed price mail forwardingOur registered office service for a limited company starts at just £40 per year including the forwarding of official notices.

The fixed price address services start from only £100 and offer real value money. The service also includes the registered office service which is worth £40!

Flexible mail forwarding services start at £145 including the annual fee and a small deposit.

We provide a cheap virtual office for small business for as little as £100 + VAT for a full 12 months service (subject to the volumes of mail you receive).

We can also provide mail forwarding from our London or Edinburgh address for a small additional fee. Please contact us for further information.

Full terms and conditions of our Mail Forwarding service are available from this - Terms and Conditions for Mail Forwarding

Mail Forwarding Address & UK Mail Addresses

All of our addresses are genuine locations. There is always someone in attendance during normal office hours to receive mail. We do not use third party PO Box addresses.
Coventry (Midlands) Mail Forwarding
London Mail Forwarding
Coventry Address[YOUR COMPANY NAME]
The Apex
2 Sheriffs Orchard
Crown House
27 Old Gloucester Street
Edinburgh (Scotland) Mail Forwarding
Coventry Address[YOUR COMPANY NAME]
Summit House
4-5 Mitchell Street

Points to remember

You do not need to use C/O SFS or C/O Small Firms Services. Our office locations are real and as long as mail is correctly posted it will be sorted and forwarded to you. Of course if you do include our name post will still be processed. It just does not look professional for your clients and suppliers.

We do not give you PO Box numbers or pretend ‘Suite’ numbers. Simply use the address provided above. This provides a professional address that will not disclose the fact your mail is forwarded.

Mail is forwarded the day it is received at Coventry and three times per week from London.

Our offices are genuine manned locations and as such we are able to sign for recorded deliveries and courier deliveries of business mail. (Please note we do not forward any form of goods or packages through our offices, only letter type post containing documents/paper is accepted). Please contact us for further information if you require more advice regarding our cheap virtual office solutions.

Full terms and conditions of our Mail Forwarding service are available from this - Terms and Conditions for Mail Forwarding

Code Preferred option Price Buy now
FLEXAPEX Coventry Mail Forwarding From £120.00 Select
MAILDEP25 Mail forwarding deposit £25 From £25.00 Select
MAILDEP50 Mail forwarding deposit £50 From £50.00 Select
MAILDEP100 Mail forwarding deposit £100 From £100.00 Select
FLEXSUMM Edinburgh Mail Forwarding From £180.00 Select
MAILDEP200 Mail forwarding deposit £200 From £200.00 Select
FLEXCROW London (Crown House) Mail Forwarding From £150.00 Select