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Apostille - Document Legalisation Service

Apostille  DocumentationWe have been providing an Apostille certificate service and document legalisation services since 1998. An Apostille Certificate is a certificate attached to a document in its country of origin and confirms the signatures or stamps on the document are from officials or recognised bodies within that country. When a document bearing the Apostille Certificate and Stamp is presented in another country it will be accepted as a legitimate document without further evidence.

Apostille Certification InformationApostille Certificates are issued under a Convention of the Hague Conference (la Conférence de La Haye) and will be recognised in over 60 member states. Many non-member states also recognise the Apostille Certificate and seal.

SFS can provide an Apostille Certificate for virtually any UK document. Our fees start from just £50 + VAT and we will advise on how your specific document needs to be treated to ensure it is accepted by the overseas authority you intend to present it to.

We use completely secure systems whilst your important document is in our possession and work as quickly as possible to get the Apostille Certificate back to you.

For further information and details on how to order please visit our dedicated website which contains a wealth of information and guidance:

Visit Our Apostille Certificate Website