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UK Company Formation for Non Residents

Forming a company in the UK is popular for many business owners living outside the UK. In the UK company registration is simple and only costs a few pounds. The low start up costs and simple incorporation process makes the UK a popular location for many of our international customers looking to start a new business.

uk company formationOur service includes the formation of your company in just 2 to 3 hours. We form thousands of companies for customers all over the world and provide you with all the legal documents you require. The online company registration will provide you with all your company documents online the instant the company is formed.

What is different for a Director living abroad?

In relation to the formation of the company there are no differences. The process is exactly the same for all company directors regardless of where they live. However, if you do not have an address within the UK to use as your ‘official registered address’ for the company then you will need to use a registered office service.

When forming the company on our website we can provide you with a registered office address at the time of incorporation

When forming a company you need the following information

A company name that is not already in use. (We will check this for you)
A UK registered office. (We can provide this if required)
One company director that is at least 16 years old.
One company shareholder.

You do not need

A company secretary. You may wish to appoint one but in the UK a company secretary is not legally required.
Two directors. In the UK a company can be formed with just one director.
Two shareholders. A company can be formed with just one shareholder. This can be the same person as the director. A large percentage of new companies are now formed with just one person who is both director and shareholder.

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Will I need any other services?

If you do not have a UK address for your company you may need to purchase our registered office service. This allows you to use our address at Companies House when registering the company.

You may choose to have more than government mail delivered to our office. We can provide a complete mail forwarding solution for your company.

Some of our clients request that we legalise their UK company documents with an apostille. This is often useful when opening international bank accounts or entering into contracts and business agreements.

This is just a selection of services that may be useful for a non resident company director. For more information on any of our services please browse our website using the menu on the left.

If you would like to form your limited company online now then please visit our company formation website now.

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