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Company Seals - Embossing seals for companies

Our range of quality company seals are provided at market leading prices. Used for embossing documents a company seal is useful for contracts, certificates, legal forms and company documents.

Choose from one of our four styles of embossing seals.

[img src='/images/content/services/hand-held-seal-120.jpg' alt='hand held seal' title='hand held seal' float='right' margin='0px 0px 10px 10px']

The hand held plier seal

A low cost option for anyone requiring a company seal for occasional use. This hand held unit is lightweight and easy to take anywhere. Embossing up to 100gsm paper it is suitable for most standard business stationery and forms. The seal is for occasional use and not recommended for heavy duty papers and card.

[img src='/images/content/services/desk-seal-120.jpg' alt='desk top seal' title='desk top seal' float='right' margin='0px 0px 10px 10px']

The wood mounted plier seal

This seal operates in the same way that the hand held plier seal does. Using a simple plier mechanism to emboss documents the seal is suitable for occasional use on standard papers up to 100gsm. The added feature to this product it that the seal is attached to a wood base for desk top placement.

[img src='/images/content/services/alluminium-seal-120.jpg' alt='metal desk top seal' title='metal desk top seal' float='right' margin='0px 0px 10px 10px']

Cast aluminium desk top seal

Popular with many of our customers this seal offers greater benefits than the plier type seals. Embossing up to 160gsm papers and cards this seal is suitable for frequent use. Finished in cast aluminium the seal is sturdy but not too heavy. The seal also has a longer reach onto papers thanks to the beveled neck allowing papers to be scrolled into position.

[img src='/images/content/services/deluxe-seal-120.jpg' alt='deluxe desk top seal' title='deluxe desk top seal' float='right' margin='0px 0px 10px 10px']

Deluxe desk top seal

A favourite with solicitors and notary publics this seal is finished in black with a decorative pattern. This seal is ideal for regular use and will emboss papers up to 160gsm. We provide this seal to companies and legal service providers that choose to emboss documents in public.

We are never knowingly beaten on price. All of our seals are made with metal bodies and embossing plates. We do not sell cheap plastic alternatives as they damage easily.

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