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Nominee Company Secretary

We can provide a company secretary service for any UK registered company. Our services include filing the Companies House annual return AR01 and offering administrative support and advice as required during the 12 month service.

Do you need a company secretary?

Companies Formed after 6 April 2008

If your company was formed on or after 6 April 2008 then under the Companies Act 2006 it is no longer a legal requirement to have a secretary appointed. If you are registering a new company then there is no requirement to appoint a secretary at the time of incorporation. All you need is one director to be appointed. The responsibilities of the company secretary will then automatically be passed to the sole company director.

Companies Formed before 6 April 2008

If your company was formed before 6 April 2008 then you will need to read your Articles of Association. Prior to this date it was a legal requirement to have a company secretary appointed. It is likely that your company documents refer directly to the company secretary. If your company was formed by SFS or using then your Articles of Association will clearly mention responsibilities of the company secretary.

If your Articles of Association do not refer to the secretary then you can resign the secretary using form TM02. This form can be filled manually by post or online at Companies House using electronic filing.

We offer two levels of company secretary service.


– This service includes filing the Companies House Annual Return AR01 each year. We will provide advice in the capacity of company secretary for the duration of the service and sign company documentation (including bank mandates) as required.


– We will be appointed as the company secretary for your company. However, there is no administrative support and any document processing or advice provided may be charged subject to the work involved

To order your secretary service please see select your service below and complete the online registration.
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NOMSECPRO Nominee Secretary Service - Professional From £150.00 Select
NOMSECBAS Nominee Secretary Service - Basic From £50.00 Select