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Virtual office in Coventry

coventry virtual office
Do you require a new office location for your clients to contact you? Are you looking for a central location? Our Coventry virtual office is based in the Midlands and can be used as your company address. You will be able to receive letters from your clients, invoices from suppliers and documents from other organisations.

The Coventry office is based in the city centre close to large solicitors firms and accountants. The address can be used as your company's address and be displayed on communication to clients, websites and even your company stationery. Using a virtual office address can be beneficial for a number of reasons.It prevents your personal address being displayed to the general public. Your business can expand to new areas of the country without incurring the large fees for renting office space. Companies with directors based overseas can provide a UK address. You can display our Coventry office on your websites and general communication as follows:

The Apex
2 Sheriffs Orchard

How does it work?

virtual office

Our service does not use PO Box or suite numbers to identify mail. If your company name is clearly displayed on the letter then our post team will forward the item as part of your service. We will add your preferred forwarding address and the correct postage to forward the item.

What is included?

london addressCommunication from bankslondon addressParcels
london addressLetters from clientslondon addressHigh value goods (laptops, tablets etc.)
london addressInvoiceslondon addressScan and email service
london addressPrinted Papers

The forwarding of and parcels or high-value goods such as laptops or mobile phones is not permitted through our address. This is to protect the reputation of the office for all customers. If you wish to order goods or parcels in your company name we request you have them delivered to your personal address.

The virtual office address does not include a scan and email service for items of mail. It is very administrative to open and scan every item for the thousands of clients we provide services for. This would slow the speed of forwarding your mail. Some items of mail may also contain sensitive information so we will not open items to keep your details private.

Choose your service

Choose Your Service

fixed price service
coventry virtual office

Virtual Office

The Coventry virtual office service consists of two fees. The first fee is the annual charge of £120 for the activation and maintenance of the service. A mail deposit is also held on record to cover the postage and forwarding costs for items received in your company name. The fee is deducted from the deposit held on record and the item is forwarded to you. When your deposit has been reduced to a low amount we will contact you to request a top up. This will ensure any further mail can be forwarded without delay. If we receive multiple items for your company on the same day the post team will calculate the most cost-effective way of forwarding the item.

coventry virtual office

Fixed price mail forwarding

If the majority of your business communication is completed online, your company may expect to receive less than 100 items of mail during the 12 month period. If that is the case you could benefit from our fixed price mail service. With packages starting from £100 including the postage cost for mail, these services are an ideal low-cost solution. You pay a single fee to cover the forwarding for a set number of items during the 12 month period.

fixed price mail forwarding