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Fixed Price Mail Forwarding FAQ

Fixed Price FAQWhat happens if I receive the number of items before the 12 month period?

If you receive your set number of items in a period shorter than a 12 months then your service has expired. The service runs for 12 months or until you have received the number of items included in the package you have purchased. We will notify you before reaching your item limit so you can decide if you wish to renew the same service for the same number of items or you can purchase a higher volume option.

What happens if I do not use the full number of items in 12 months?

If we have been providing the service for 12 months and you have not used the full number of items allowed in your package the remaining items will expire. It is not possible to transfer these to a new service.

Which items of mail are included in the fixed price service?

The service includes the forwarding of official government notices (Registered office mail) and general business mail. We can only accept printed papers up to 1KG in weight. We are not able to accept and forward any parcels. All mail received will be deducted from the number of items allowed under your service. The post team will try to remove all junk mail to prevent using up your service however not all junk mail can be identified if it is sent in plain envelopes.

How will you know which mail should be sent to me?

When items are received in our offices they are sorted using the company name or ‘identifier’ in the address. The identifier is a unique word or phrase that is often used for personal mail clients who have a common name such as Smith. The identified can be a word or flat number of your choice that is used to separate your mail from clients with the same surname. Please contact us if you would like to check a particular identifier is not already in use.

Can the fixed price service be used for Personal names?

Yes. The service can be used to receive mail in the name of an individual rather than a company name. When receiving personal mail we request clients’ use an identifying phrase in the address to ensure mail can easily be sorted and assigned to their service. For personal mail clients who have a common name such as Smith or Jones this will ensure your mail is correctly sorted and forwarded to you.

What if mail does not include my company name?

All mail received into our office must display your company name or unique identifier so we can sort and forward mail to the correct location. If this is not included we cannot ensure mail is forwarded efficiently to the correct address. Most businesses receive mail addressed to the company name. It would be unusual for someone to simply write to Mr Jones regarding a business matter and not include a business name.

Can I receive mail under more than one name?

No. The fixed price mail service is designed to monitor mail received under a single name. If you trade under different names and anticipate receiving mail displaying the different names you will need to purchase multiple services.

Can I upgrade from a Registered Office address to the Fixed Price Mail service?

Yes. If you are currently using our registered office address we can calculate the remaining fee for your service and deduct it from the fixed price service of your choice to provide the fee to upgrade and start a new service for 12 months of your preferred number of items. If you would like a quote to upgrade, contact us by telephone or email with your company name.

Can it be used as a Directors Service Address?

Yes, if you enter your company name in the first line of the address so any mail clearly displays your company name. This will ensure government organisations show the company name when writing to you at our office.

Are registered office items excluded from the number of items to be forwarded?

No, all items received for your company/personal name are deducted from the number of items allowed under your service.

Can this address be used on websites and company letter heads?

Yes, you can use this as your own address. You will need to purchase the correct level of service if you are using the address on your website and written communication as this could increase the number of items you receive and if you have purchased the start-up volume of 30 items this can be used in a very short period of time.

If I use the number of items before 12 months can I upgrade my service?

When you have received the number of items included in your package the service has expired. If you wish to have further items forwarded you will need to purchase a new service which will run for 12 months from the date of purchase or until the number items have been forwarded.