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Director’s Service Address

Under the Companies Act 2006 it is possible for a company director to provide a ‘service address’ for the public record. This allows directors to use our address as their service address to maintain privacy where required.

Our director's service address can be purchased only if you also purchase our registered address service at the same address with us, the directors service address is not available as a standalone service. Simply order our registered address service at the same time as the directors service address. This service is charged per director needing the service. For more information on purchasing our directors service address please follow this link - Director's Service Address

What does the service address mean?

A company director can now submit two addresses to Companies House when forming a new company or when updating a director’s details.

Home Address
All directors must supply their home address to Companies House. This information is stored securely and is only accessible to government bodies, banks and other credit checking agencies. It is not available to the public and this information is not placed on the public register.

Service Address
A second address can now be used as the service address for directors. This may be the company’s actual business address or office, or a service address as provided by registered office service providers and accountants. This address is added to the public register. The information can be accessed online and is available to purchase online.

Comment: For many years company directors have been legally required to provide their home address details to Companies House. For the vast majority this was never an issue of great concern. Millions of company directors addresses were available for public inspection and there are very few instances where it caused a problem. However, we understand that people prefer some privacy and are more comfortable keeping their personal details private. That is why we allow our address to be used as a service address.

The Directors Service Address will only be supplied to customers that have a registered office service with SFS at the same address for the same company. If you do not have a registered address with us then please do not purchase the address as a stand alone service for your company. If purchased as a standalone service you will be asked to add the registered address service before we activate the service or we will need to cancel your purchase.

Directors Service address mail must be forwarded to the same address we forward your registered office mail to. We can not forward Directors Service Address mail to different addresses to the registered office mail. If you want us to forward personal mail for directors this can be setup as a new standalone service at additional cost.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any clarification on this service or have any other questions.
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