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Edinburgh Registered Office Address - Scotland

Edinburgh Registered Office

Small Firms Services can provide your company with a registered office address from Edinburgh in Scotland. The Edinburgh Registered Office address is to be used by Companies and LLP’s that are officially registered in Scotland.

Scotland Registered Address Service

Companies that are registered in Scotland are required to maintain an effective registered office address in Scotland at all times. Even if the company moves out of Scotland it is a legal requirement to maintain a Scottish address. If your company has moved to outside of Scotland then we can provide our Edinburgh address for your company. Simply purchase our Edinburgh address and inform Companies House and HMRC of your new address. We will then forward weekly any mail received at our office from these two organisations.

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Summit House
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Buy your Edinburgh registered office service online today for only £75 plus vat and start using our address in Scotland as your company address.

Please note that if we are forwarding your government mail overseas there is an additional administration fee of £30 per company.

Edinburgh Registered Office

You may be forming your new Scottish company and do not wish to use your own personal address. When registering a new Scottish limited company you will need to provide an official address to Companies House and HMRC. This is the address that will always be used for official correspondence with the company.

Buy your registered office

Our service can be purchased before you form your limited company or at the time of incorporation.

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