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Filing Dormant Accounts

filing dormant accountsAll UK companies are required by law to file a set of accounts every year. Even when a company is dormant the directors are still responsible for submitting a set of dormant non trading accounts. Failure to file a set of accounts online can lead to large penalties that can grow to thousands of pounds and ultimately dissolution of the company. Company Directors may also be prosecuted for failing to file company documents.

When are the accounts due?

A company’s financial year is typically 12 months and unless the accounting reference date has been changed the filing of accounts is due within 9 months of the company’s anniversary? For example a company formed on 7 November 2011 will have the following accounting dates.

The accounting reference date is 30 November every year. The first years accounts will need to be prepared from 7 November 2011 to 30 November 2012. From then on accounts will be filed from 1 December to 30 November covering an exact 12 month period.

The next accounts will be due to be filed before 7 August 2013. If the accounts are filed one day later a penalty will be issued.

We can submit dormant accounts for most UK registered companies. Our compliance team regularly file dormant accounts for and on behalf of UK based and international customers. Once we have confirmed the company’s status and acquired the web filing code from you we can submit your dormant accounts quickly and efficiently.

If you require dormant accounts filing every year for your company please contact us during the 9 month submission period. We can file your accounts at anytime but leaving the filing to the last day may lead to a penalty if you forget to contact us in time.

file accounts in timeCompany Directors are responsible for filing the accounts correctly and on time. It is a Directors responsibility to know the requirements.

Not understanding how or when to file accounts, or not receiving any reminders from Companies House, are not acceptable reasons for accounts being filed late. Companies House will not waive penalties unless there are exceptional circumstances that prevented you from filing accounts during the 9 month submission period.