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Fixed Price Mail Service Information

Registered Office AddressfromFrom £40

Here at SFS we take pride in providing professional, flexible mailing solutions. We have prestigious office addresses in Coventry, London and Edinburgh available at competitive prices starting from as little as £40.00.

We are pleased to offer a low cost virtual address for small business and new companies. Our fixed price mail forwarding service provides you with a real office location for your business. Using our service provides small companies and home based businesses with peace of mind that their address remains private.

How does the service work?

For a fixed annual fee you can use our office as your business address. If you purchase a service with general business mail included you can add the address to websites, letterheads, business cards, invoices, quotations, emails and any other genuine business documents. Once you have purchased the service you can update your stationery.

When the post arrives at our office we sort all mail by company name. We will identify any mail addressed to your business name and prepare this for dispatch. Mail is then recorded against your record and posted to you at your preferred address anywhere in the world (higher fee applies for non UK addresses).

Your service will last for 12 months or until you have used the fixed number of items included in the service. For example, if you purchase a service with 60 items of mail included then your service is active for 12 months. During this time we will forward up to 60 letters to you. If you reach 60 items before the 12 months the service will be due for renewal when your limit is reached.

Registered Office Included

If your business is a limited company, limited partnership or LLP you can also use our address as the official registered office. We include registered office mail for one company within the service at no extra fee. If you are just looking for a registered office service then this service also allows extra mail to be included.

Why would you need this service?

Our service is suitable for Companies, LLPs, Sole Traders and Businesses alike.

  • Are you based overseas and now require a UK presence?
  • Are you forming a Limited Company and now need a Registered Office address?
  • Are you operating your business from home and wish to keep your personal details private?
  • Do you want a prestigious office address to take your company to the next level?

If you answered yes to any of the above then our service may be perfect for you. These are just some of the reasons why our customers choose us and we support thousands of customers each year.


Fixed Fee: You don’t need to be burdened by confusing price structures and hidden fees.
Choose the service that is right for you: Every business is different and our packages reflect this.
Flexible: Situations change and we realise that, upgrade your service at any time as your business grows.
Manageable: Our intuitive customer management system enables you to manage all services via a secure online portal or you can order by phone or email.
Support: Our service extends far beyond mail forwarding, we have a qualified team of advisors at hand to answer any business enquiries you may have.
Easy set up: Purchase your service using our accessible system and rest assured that this will be implemented within 3 working hours.


The service is provided to one company or business name. You cannot register several company names under one service. Each company must purchase a separate service.

To prevent abuse of our address we limit the maximum weight of envelopes to 1Kg. This is approximately the weight of a large yellow pages or a clothes catalogue. It is most unlikely that your business will receive an envelope of business documents above this weight. In the event that we do receive an item of mail that is larger than 1KG we will contact you to discuss delivery options and costs.

We do not allow goods or parcels to be delivered to our address. To maintain a ‘safe’ address for all of our customers we ask that you arrange deliveries of goods to be made to your physical location. This prevents opportunists from ordering expensive items through our address without paying the provider. It is essential that we protect our reputation and the address your business uses.

Your service will last for 12 months or until we have forwarded the agreed number of items under the service, whichever occurs first. Upon expiry your service is due for renewal and no further items will be posted to you. We will invite you to renew the service at the relevant time.

If you would like to discuss this service further do not hesitate to contact us. For customers that anticipate receiving higher volumes of mail we suggest you look at our other mail forwarding solutions.

For more information on our service and to view the packages available please visit our low cost mail forwarding page. order mail service.
Code Preferred option Price Buy now
FPCOV30 Fixed Price Mail Forwarding - Coventry - Starter Volume (30) From £100.00 Select
FPCOV60 Fixed Price Mail Forwarding - Coventry - Low Volume (60) From £150.00 Select
FPCOV100 Fixed Price Mail Forwarding - Coventry - Medium Volume (100) From £200.00 Select
FPEDI30 Fixed Price Mail Forwarding - Edinburgh - Starter Volume (30) From £140.00 Select
FPEDI60 Fixed Price Mail Forwarding - Edinburgh - Low Volume (60) From £190.00 Select
FPEDI100 Fixed Price Mail Forwarding - Edinburgh - Medium Volume (100) From £240.00 Select
FPLON30 Fixed Price Mail Forwarding - London (Crown House) - Starter Volume (30) From £140.00 Select
FPLON60 Fixed Price Mail Forwarding - London (Crown House) - Low Volume (60) From £190.00 Select
FPLON100 Fixed Price Mail Forwarding - London (Crown House) - Medium Volume (100) From £240.00 Select