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Mail Forwarding Address Locations

We are pleased to offer two address locations for your mail forwarding service. Both addresses provide a low cost mail solution for your business.

Our Mail Forwarding Addresses

All of our addresses are genuine locations. There is always someone in attendance during normal office hours to receive mail at both locations. We do not use third party PO Box addresses.
Coventry (Midlands) Mail Forwarding
London Mail Forwarding
Coventry Address[YOUR COMPANY NAME]
The Apex
2 Sheriffs Orchard
Crown House
27 Old Gloucester Street

For customers expecting more than 100 items of mail per year we offer our flexible virtual address service. This service is suitable for medium size business that anticipate receiving around 10 or more envelopes each month.

Our mail forwarding service consist of two fees-
Annual fee - This is a fixed fee for providing a mail address for 12 months
Deposit fee - This deposit is required to cover the postage costs incurred forwarding your mail and administration fees.
For example, our fee structure for Mail Forwarding from Coventry in the Midlands consists of the annual fee of £120 + VAT and a mail deposit of between £25 and £50 + VAT for UK Clients and Overseas Clients respectively.

When purchasing a mail forwarding service you need to order the annual service and also a deposit to your order before making payment. Without a deposit we have no funds to forward you mail to you and the service is inactive.

To order your mail service –

  1. Select your preferred address (Coventry or London)
  2. Enter your company details (name, address, contact info)
  3. Click continue shopping
  4. Add your deposit (£25 or £50)
  5. You are now ready to check out and complete your order.

Order Mail Forwarding Service!

From experience we have found that this fee structure suits most small businesses. You know what your fees are in advance. We do not need to keep charging you every month or quarter for your services. We will only contact you for further payment when the annual fee is due for renewal or the deposit is running low.

Points to remember

Our offices are always manned during normal office hours. They are real physical locations.

You do not need to use C/O SFS or C/O Small Firms Services. Our office locations are genuine business addresses and as long as mail is correctly posted it will be sorted and forwarded to you. Of course if you do include our name post will still be processed. It just does not look professional for your clients and suppliers.

We do not give you PO Box numbers or pretend ‘Suite’ numbers. Simply use the address provided above. This provides a professional address that will not disclose the fact your mail is forwarded.

Mail is forwarded the day it is received at Coventry and twice per week from London.

Remember our offices are genuine manned locations. This means that one of the team is always on hand to sign for recorded deliveries of business mail. (Please note we do not forward goods through our offices). Please contact us for further information if you require clarification.

Order Mail Forwarding Service!

If you require a mail forwarding service and a registered office address for a limited company or LLP you will need to order both services. The mail forwarding does not include the use of our address at Companies House and HMRC.
Code Preferred option Price Buy now
MAILFCOV Coventry Mail Forwarding From £120.00 Select
MAILDEP25 Mail forwarding deposit £25 From £25.00 Select
MAILDEP50 Mail forwarding deposit £50 From £50.00 Select
MAILDEP100 Mail forwarding deposit £100 From £100.00 Select
MAILFEDI Edinburgh Mail Forwarding From £180.00 Select
MAILDEP200 Mail forwarding deposit £200 From £200.00 Select
MAILFLON London (Crown House) Mail Forwarding From £150.00 Select