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Mail Forwarding Prices

Mail Forwarding Solution from £120We believe that our mail forwarding service provides a cost effective efficient service for all of our customers. The fee structure is broken down into two parts.

  1. There is an annual charge for using our address. This is a fixed fee and is not dependent on the quantity of mail we handle for your business
  2. The second fee is a deposit. All mail that we forward to you from our address will need new postage adding to the envelope. We deduct the postage at cost from your deposit (we use a franking machine for the lowest rates). In addition to this when we forward mail during a working week a single administration fee of £1 is deducted from the deposit.

For example
Your deposit is £25. During a working week (Monday to Friday) we may receive several items of mail for your company. We will deduct the postage and a single administration fee
Starting deposit £25
Monday – 1 item forwarded at 34p
Tuesday – 1 item forwarded at 50p
Wednesday – No mail received
Thursday – 2 items forwarded at 25p each (2 x 25p)
Friday – 1 item forwarded at 25p
Administration fee for the week £1
Remaining deposit carried forward to next week £22.41

To order your mail service –

  1. Select your preferred address (Coventry or London)
  2. Enter your company details (name, address, contact info)
  3. Click continue shopping
  4. Add your deposit (£25 or £50)
  5. You are now ready to check out and complete your order.

To get started with your mail service simply click the following link, 'select' your address location and enter your company details. We look forward to supporting your business with our service.

Order Mail Forwarding Service!

Please note that if you require a mail forwarding service and a registered office address for a limited company or LLP you will need to order both services. The mail forwarding does not include the use of our address at Companies House and HMRC.
Code Preferred option Price Buy now
MAILFCOV Coventry Mail Forwarding From £120.00 Select
MAILDEP25 Mail forwarding deposit £25 From £25.00 Select
MAILDEP50 Mail forwarding deposit £50 From £50.00 Select
MAILDEP100 Mail forwarding deposit £100 From £100.00 Select
MAILFEDI Edinburgh Mail Forwarding From £180.00 Select
MAILDEP200 Mail forwarding deposit £200 From £200.00 Select
MAILFLON London (Crown House) Mail Forwarding From £150.00 Select