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Personal Mail Forwarding

Providing a mail forwarding service for your personal mail provides you with flexibility. We have many individuals, couples, and families that use our mail address for the personal correspondence. Using our address enables people to move from accommodation frequently, travel aboard for periods of time and in some cases spend a considerable amount of time every year working away on business. One fixed address simplifies life considerably when you move but your mailing address does not.

Ordering is simple-

  1. Simply choose which one of our address locations you want to use
    • Coventry £120 + deposit
    • London £150 + deposit
  2. Purchase the annual fee and deposit online
  3. Provide the identification required
  4. Start using our address.

To get your individual mail service started today simply click on the following link and enter your FULL NAME in the business name. This will tell us which name you expect mail to arrive in.

Order Mail Forwarding Service!

If you would like to discuss our service or need any further assistance do not hesitate to contact us.
Code Preferred option Price Buy now
MAILFCOV Coventry Mail Forwarding From £120.00 Select
MAILDEP25 Mail forwarding deposit £25 From £25.00 Select
MAILDEP50 Mail forwarding deposit £50 From £50.00 Select
MAILDEP100 Mail forwarding deposit £100 From £100.00 Select
MAILFEDI Edinburgh Mail Forwarding From £180.00 Select
MAILDEP200 Mail forwarding deposit £200 From £200.00 Select
MAILFLON London (Crown House) Mail Forwarding From £150.00 Select