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Mail Forwarding Service & Registered Office

Our virtual office solutions provide two mail services for limited companies and LLP’s that are registered at Companies House.

Registered Office – This service includes the use of our address at Companies and HM Revenue & Customs (the UK tax authority). You can provide our address as your legal registered office. Both organisations only communicate with the registered office address with official letters, notices and reminders. Any official government mail received at our address in your company name will be forwarded to your physical address. There are no further postal charges or administration fees.

However, the registered office service does not include the forwarding or processing of any other general business mail. If you would like us forward mail that is not from HMRC or Companies House then you will require our mail forwarding service in addition to the registered office service.

Mail Forwarding Service – Many of our clients with a registered office service choose to add a general mail forwarding service to their account. This mail service includes the forwarding of mail from other business and organisations including banks, customers, suppliers, IPO, institutions, domain registrars, etc. etc. Any normal business mail addressed to your company will be captured under this service and posted to you. (Please note we do not forward any large boxes, goods, or products)

It is important to remember that businesses dealing with consumers provide adequate contact details to ensure prompt and effective communication with customers. This is important for processing orders, managing enquiries, receiving payments and handling disputes or legal proceedings. Our full mailing service should be considered by any customers purchasing a registered office address without further communication options. This will provide peace of mind to you and your customers that all mail is received by your business.

Smaller Companies with low mail volumes

fixed price mail forwardingFor smaller companies and home based business we offer a mail service that includes both the registered office address and general business mail forwarding. If your business expects no more than 100 items of mail per year we offer a fixed price address service.
For a single fee each year we will forward any mail from HMRC, Companies House, banks, customers, suppliers and other general correspondence. Simply choose the right level of service for your business. For more information visit our cheap virtual office page

Bigger Companies with high mail volumes

For larger companies expecting high volumes of mail the registered office and mail forwarding services are charged separately. Our flexible mail service does not include the use of our address as a registered office. If your company needs a mail address and you wish to use the address at Companies House and HMRC please order both services.
Code Preferred option Price Buy now
MAILFCOV Coventry Mail Forwarding From £120.00 Select
MAILDEP25 Mail forwarding deposit £25 From £25.00 Select
MAILDEP50 Mail forwarding deposit £50 From £50.00 Select
MAILDEP100 Mail forwarding deposit £100 From £100.00 Select
MAILFEDI Edinburgh Mail Forwarding From £180.00 Select
MAILDEP200 Mail forwarding deposit £200 From £200.00 Select
MAILFLON London (Crown House) Mail Forwarding From £150.00 Select